graphic design
we design graphicy things. things like letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, business stationery, posters, leaflets, flyers, adverts, magazines, brochures, logos, menus, tickets, event programmes, cd and dvd inlays, in-house venue tv screen advertising. and more!

website design
we design webby things. like websites, and online homes for yourself, your business, hobby, your club or organisation, or whatever else you want a website for. from domain registrations to email setup, from design to launch, we'll take care of the whole package.

tv & video production
we now design and produce television and video content. perhaps it's for your own in-house advertising screens, to promote your latest customer offers, or a video for online use on your website or social media channels. we can produce your content in hd too!

graeme is our designer. he's the one who takes your ideas and makes them look nice and pretty. he's the one behind ko creative and the koala is his. if you've ever seen "designed by chavs" on a poster or website, that's graeme. chavs is a nickname he got years ago and it just kinda stuck. he's obsessed with australia. if he wins the lottery, he's gone. moving to surfers paradise on the gold coast in queensland. wave bye bye!
mr x is our top notch programmer. but he likes to hide away and not steal the limelight from the koala, which is sensible. he's the brainy one who works with chavs on the website jobs. he takes the pretty sites that chavs has designed, then does all the clever programming stuff to make them work. och aye, and he's scottish too, so if you ever track him down, don't expect him to buy you a drink. that's you told.
ko is the koala, and he's awesome. he lives with chavs in chavs's house. he's got his own drum kit and everything. despite what people think, koalas are not bears. they're marsupials. the word koala comes from the word gula, from an extinct language called iyora spoken by aboriginal groups in sydney. now you've learned something by reading his bio, so it was totally worth it. wanna buy him a gift? he likes wine.
i discovered graeme's design work online a few years ago and was impressed enough to give him a call and ask him to work with me on designing and managing my personal website. i was delighted with the result and we've worked together ever since.
stephen dixon  sky news presenter
newcastle speedway have worked with these guys for about 15 years now. they started off with our club's official website and now they design our weekly magazine as well. since they took it over, the magazine has won the coveted national annual award for being the best in the sport three times in the past 6 years.
george english  newcastle speedway team manager
we started using graeme's poster designs at the eazy street cabaret and trebles bar in newcastle city centre about 2 years ago. now he designs all of our posters, flyers, artwork, and runs our in-house television screen advertising across all of our venues. there's always a fast turnaround, and it's great to work with someone who knows my brand well and therefore knows what works for me.
paul rowe  bar/venue manager